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Lunchmeny 100:-
inkl. stor salladsbuffé, dryck och kaffebord
Månd – Fred kl 11:00 – 15:00

1. Grillad kycklingfilé med bearnaisesås och stekt potatis

2. Egenpanerad fläskschnitzel med rödvinssås, grönsaker och stekt potatis

3. Wokad kycklingfilé med champinjoner och bambuskott

4. Penne pasta med fläskfilé, champinjoner gräddsås, toppas med parmesanost

5. Kallt rökt lax tallrik serveras med hovmästarsås och kokt potatis

6. Smörstekt Tilapia serveras med skirat smör, champinjoner och kokt potatis, Tilapia är en grupp afrikanska fiskar

7. Panerad torskfilé med dillmajonnäs och kokt potatis


Lunchspecial 158:-
inkl. stor salladsbuffé, dryck och kaffebord


Helgbuffé 160:-
Pensionärspris 140:-

Lördag och söndag 11-16




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Restaurant Borgholm

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Welcome to The restaurant Robinson Crusoe was founded by Birgitta Jeansson in 1974. The name is taken from the book called Robinson Crusoe which she used to read for her children. Birgitta liked the name because most people knows about Daniel Dafoes shipbroken character. Most people can also pronounce the name of the restaurant in their mother tounge. The popular and beautiful restaurant is located by the sea in the harbour of Borgholm.

Already from the start there were long queues of interested people who wanted to try the new menu. The food had a reputation of being spiced differently. When the restaurant started in the seventies it wasn«t common to use garlic and tarragon. The different way of making the food gave Robinson Crusoe an exotic reputation.

The environment is cosy and there are many items in the restaurant from exotic places in the world.

Welcome to explore the menu at Robinson Crusoe.

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